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Dog and cat Allergy Testing

We offer two universal panels:

1 - Universal Panel I - 54 allergens, canine/ feline IgE

2 - Extended Universal Panel - 100 allergens, canine/feline IgE

Both panels contain the most common food, environmental, pollen (trees, grasses, weeds), parasite, insect and mold allergens

Food Intolerance

We screen for 54 of the most common foods and food additives that can cause Food intolerance in dogs.

Canine Lyme Disease Testing

Canine Lyme disease monitoring profile (8 markers, IgG)

Canine Echinococcus Testing

Canine Echinococcus (9 markers, IgG)

Equine Lyme Disease Testing

Equine Lyme disease (ELISA, IgG)

West Nile Virus Testing

West Nile Virus (ELISA, IgG)