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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you release the results on the next day?

Yes. We release the results on the next day. A specimen received (for example) on Monday will be processed on the same day, and the results will be released to you on Tuesday. The exception is Saturday. If we recieve a specimen from your office on Saturday, you will get the test results on Monday. The 24 hour turnaround time is available for dog allergy testing, cat allergy testing, Lyme disease test for dogs, Lyme disease test for horses, Echinnococcus test for dogs, and West Nile virus test for horses.

How can we get your serum collection and transportation kits?

Please, submit your information on our website and send us an e-mail requesting the kitis. They will be delivered to your clinic free of charge within 1-2 days.

Do we pay to ship a serum sample to your laboratory?

No! Pet Preferred Diagnostics will provide you with a prepaid priority mail envelope. Just follow the instructions that are included in the kit.

How many kits can be sent to your laboratory in one envelope?

You can put two kits in one envelope. You also can sip several serum samples in one box. Please make sure that the tubes containing the serum are appropriately marked and correspond with the information on requisition forms.

Can we send two serum samples in one transportation box?

You can put two or more serum samples in one box. However, do not forget to appropriately mark the tubes with serum samples and include the corresponding requisition forms in the envelope. It's the same for all veterinary lab tests.

Do you require shipping a serum sample with a cool pack?

No cool pack is necessary.

What if we collected the serum sample, but are not able to ship it on the same day?

It is not a problem. Please, keep the serum sample refrigerated and ship it at your convenience. The serum sample can stay in refrigerator at +4 C o for up to a week.

How sensitive is your Lyme disease test for dogs?

It is very sensitive. Our test detects 8 antibodies to Borrelia burgdoferi at the early and later stages of infection in a single sample with 100% sensitivity. Please see the details for Lyme disease test here:

How do we receive the test results?

We will send you an e-mail containing the results in PDF format. We can also Fax the results to your office upon your request. The test results are very easy to read, interpret and understand, because of the new technologies that we use for veterinary diagnostics.

Does Pet Preferred Diagnostics accept samples from other countries?

Yes. We accept serum samples from other countries. Please contact us for instructions or visit: for instructions for our international customers.

How much serum do we need to send to Pet Preferred Diagnostics for testing?

We require 1 ml of serum. That includes some spare volume in case if we need to rerun the test.

When will the allergy test for horses be available?

The allergy test for the equine will be available within the next 1-2 months.

How accurate and consistent is an allergy test?

An allergy test detects the IgE antibodies produced by the immune system as soon as the immune system sees the target. Then antibodies developed to fight the allergen remain in the system for a while. After a certain period, pets can be exposed to new allergens (pollen, for example). This means that a new allergy test will detect some new antibodies on top of the antibodies that are already present. The third allergy test can also detect antibodies against mold, for example, if a pet was exposed to mold after a humid season. Thus, three different tests could yield three different results, but it does not mean that the results are wrong.

What makes Pet Preferred Diagnostics have the largest allergy panels for the lowest price?

When we opened our laboratory in early 2020, our goal was to change that and make allergy tests affordable and available for all pet owners. We made this possible by utilizing modern scientific findings and a new generation of equipment, specifically designed for pet allergy testing.