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Submission Form, Test Details, The Kit and Downloads

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We offer the following tests (follow the links to see the test details):

Three universal panels for dog and cat allergy testing: Universal panel I and Extended Universal panel.

Both panels contain the most common food, environmental, pollen (trees, grasses, weeds), parasite, insect and mold allergens:

The Universal panel II does not contain food allergens and screens for environmental, pollen (trees, grasses, weeds), insect, mites, mold and fungi allergens:

The Pollen panel screens for trees (24), grasses (15) and weeds (15) allergens:

The Food panel for dog and cat food allergy testing includes 49 food allergens, 3 most common food-related storage mite allergens, 1 flea and 1 yeast allergen

  • Food Intolerance - 54 of the most common foods and food additives, canine/feline IgG

Prices include free kit delivery to your office, a serum collection kit, a prepaid envelope to return the serum sample to Pet Preferred Diagnostics and the results released to your office on the next business day.

Injectable (SCIT)  and Sublingual (SLIT) Immunotherapy​
prescription form and dosing schedule
(for licensed veterinarians only)

​​​Download the immunotherapy order form, fill it out and

send it to Pet Preferred Diagnostics via e-mail or Fax.

Provide your patient with the Subcutaneous or Sublingual Dosing & Schedule



The serum collection and transportation kit will be delivered to your office within 2-3 business days free of charge.


Pet preferred Diagnostics kit (on the photo) contains:

  • Requisition form

  • Instruction for blood sample collection

      and serum separation

  • VACUETTE tube with serum separator

      (white/clear gel on the bottom of the tube)

  • Clear 2 ml tube without serum separator

  • Biohazard labeled bag

  • Cushioned pouch (protective bag)

  • Prepaid mailing envelope with a tracking number 

Please contact us to order your kits.

Kit 1.jpg

Download the Requisition form and Instructions

International customers must include the letter to the US Custom.

Blood Sample Collection, Serum Preparation and shipping instructions for International customers.

Coming soon:



  • Extended equine allergy panel (108 allergens)


  • Canine autoimmune Inflammatory myopathies

  • Non-invasive cancer diagnosis for canine, feline and equine

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