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The Finest in Veterinary Diagnostics

The First and Only Reference Laboratory

Releasing All Test Results

Within 24 Hours

Why Vets Prefer Pet Preferred

Welcome to Pet Preferred Diagnostics

a Reference Laboratory Serving the Veterinary Community

Pet Preferred Diagnostics is a veterinary reference laboratory that accepts serum samples from the United States and other countries.

We focus on what matters first: results within 24 hours and very competitive prices.

Doctors Khristofor and Marianna Agassandian have decades of experience working in research and commercial laboratories in the USA, France, Spain and Eastern Europe.  They offer not only test results based on innovative technologies but intelligence in test development and interpretation.

At Pet Preferred Diagnostics, we run your patient’s test like we would do it for our family members, because pets are family too.

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Why Vets Prefer Pet Preferred:

  • We are the first and only laboratory to release all test results within 24 hours

  • We use innovative technologies that allow us to have the most competitive prices

  • We offer the largest allergy panels for the lowest price

  • We require less than 1 ml of serum for our most extensive 100-allergen panel

  • The test results are very sensitive and specific

  • Easy-to-read results, run and verified by experienced scientists

  • Formulation of painless and effective allergy treatment based on your patient's allergy test result 

  • Free pre-assembled serum collection and transportation kit delivered to the veterinary office within 2 business days

  • A pre-paid envelope is included in the kit to send a serum sample to Pet Preferred Diagnostics

  • The Food intolerance (IgG) test is offered by Pet Preferred Diagnostics only!

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Easy Vet

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

I've had a great experience working with Pet Preferred diagnostics! The short turn around time for their allergy panels really helps on the diagnostic aspect of managing my allergy patients. Dr. Khristofor is also always willing to discuss the results and provide his professional insight in developing a treatment protocol. Excellent service!

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