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Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Updated: Apr 28

As you may know, Pet Preferred Diagnostics performs more than just dog and cat allergy testing. We also test for canine Lyme disease, echinococcus, equine Lyme disease, and West Nile virus.

Our most popular test here at Pet Preferred and among our clients is the allergy test. Did you know that allergies are one of the most common diseases and are a growing animal health problem worldwide? It could come from a number of things for example food, fleas, and the environment. 

Here are some symptoms of allergies to look out for in your pets. Keep in mind that symptoms may vary in pets. 

  1. Itchiness

  2. Ear infections

  3. Hives and swelling

  4. Coughing 

  5. Vomiting 

  6. Sneezing 

  7. Hair loss

Of course, there are many other symptoms, but these are some to start looking for. You can find out more under "our tests" section.

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